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View our Product Line


We have a wide selection of general biochemical and molecular biology reagents for use in assay development, cell culture, enzyme studies, and microscopy. Biochemical grade materials are ultra-pure for in vitro assays while our molecular biology grade chemicals are appropriate for sensitive assays, DNA/RNA work, and cell growth media where one needs enzyme-free and toxin-free environments.


Oakwood carries high-quality products for synthetic organic chemical reactions. Our catalyst collection includes homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts from simple organic salts to complex organometallic species. Our catalysts come in several grades from reagent to ACS to trace metals for your process needs.


Our solvent selection covers a wide of size containers (from bench-top to bulk drum quantities) in addition to a range of purities for a variety of applications. From reagent grade for everyday reactions and purifications, to ACS, HPLC, LC/MS, NMR, and USP grades for sensitive applications in process and analytical chemistry, Oakwood has what you need in stock.

Amino Acids

Oakwood Chemical offers a full range of amino acids, analogues, synthesis supplies and services to meet the current demand for these important components of biology and, increasingly, of pharmaceuticals today. We carry coupling reagents, solvents, natural and non-natural amino acids with and without protecting groups and synthesize tailor-made amino acids for production of peptides or novel pharmaceuticals.

Fluorinated Compounds

Over the past thirty years, Oakwood Chemical remains a leader in the field of fluorination chemistry, with seasoned chemists who specialize in fluorination reactions and development of fluorination agents, seen in our recent publications (search Greg Butler or Sarah White, Oakwood and fluorine). We offer thousands of compounds containing fluorine and fluorinating agents with applications across academia and industry for coatings, polymers, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.


Oakwood Chemicals catalogue includes over 40,000 compounds in stock, including common reagents such as salts, organic solvents, organic intermediates and pre-made solutions in multiple grades (reagent, ACS, HPLC, NMR). We sell these everyday use chemicals in small, benchtop to bulk, drum size quantities, often with same day shipping.

Custom Synthesis

Custom synthesis has always been a significant part of Oakwood’s business plan, where we offer competitive prices, timely delivery, and personal attention to your specifications. With over 30 years’ experience, and seasoned team of Ph.D. chemists, engineers and technicians, we can work with your process or develop one with you to meet your needs.