0.25 M 5-Ethylthiotetrazole Solution (ETT in anhydrous Acetonitrile) NC-0108, emp Biotech GmbH 450ml : 28-400 thread, 2.5L : GL45 thread

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5-Ethylthiotetrazole (ETT) is an efficient activator for use in chemical synthesis of either DNA or RNA. ETT has excellent performance with respect to coupling times, coupling efficiency, consumption of phosphoramidites and reduction of n-1 impurities. ETT can be used for RNA synthesis with TBDMS, O-Methyl, TOM® or ACE® amidites.

Prepacked in suitable bottles for automated synthesizers.
450 mL in glass bottle with 28-400 thread, emp Biotech part no. NC-0108-M450.0-001
2.5L in glass bottle with GL45 thread, emp Biotech part no. NC-0108-N002.5-001

Product of emp Biotech