0.25 M Hyacinth BMT solution BMT in anhydrous Acetonitrile, NC-0102 emp Biotech GmbH

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Hyacinth BMT activator (also known as 5-Benzylmercapto-1H-tetrazole or BTT) demonstrates important advantages in the syntheses of oligonucleotides:

  • Coupling efficiencies of 99 % with impeccable quality
  • Lower percentage of n-1 sequences
  • Dramatic reduction of coupling times to under 3 minutes in RNA syntheses
  • Efficient RNA synthesis using 50 % or less TBDMS, TOM® or ACE® monomer
  • Excellent batch to batch consistency for reproducible and stable oligo production

Product of emp Biotech GmbH

Size bottle:
450 mL with 28-400 thread, emp Biotech part no. NC-0102-M450.0-001
2.5L with GL45 thread, emp Biotech part no. NC-0102-N002.5-001